Transform Your Old Concrete Floor By Surfacing It Rather Than Covering It Up

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Transform Your Old Concrete Floor By Surfacing It Rather Than Covering It Up

Transform Your Old Concrete Floor By Surfacing It Rather Than Covering It Up

13 January 2019
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If you're moving your shop into an old building that has dingy and stained concrete floors, you might be looking at options for new flooring. Before you decide to cover the old floors, you may want to consider a floor surfacing treatment instead. Just like you can resurface a hardwood floor, old concrete flooring can have an attractive surface applied, and that would give you the double benefit of having attractive flooring and flooring that's easy to clean. Here are some benefits of hiring a floor surfacing company to improve the appearance of the concrete floors.

Concrete Floors Are Durable

One reason to consider keeping the concrete floors is that they're ideal for shop flooring. They tolerate a lot of foot traffic and heavy commercial use. Plus, they are easy to clean and resist water damage. Keeping the concrete floors might even save money over installing new high-quality commercial flooring to cover the concrete. Concrete is a durable material that lasts a long time and surface treatments can keep it looking nice for years.

Concrete Floors Have A Luxurious Look

While bare concrete may not be pretty, especially if its stained and dirty, concrete that's been had a new surface applied can be quite attractive due to the glossy nature and deep colors. Polished and dyed concrete is one type of flooring used in luxury homes and high-end commercial buildings, so you know it would look great in your shop. Your shop would have floors that look luxurious without the luxury price tag.

Concrete Floor Surfacing Is A Quick Process

If you're anxious to get moved into your new shop, then staining and polishing the concrete floors is a quick way to complete the flooring upgrade when compared to installing new flooring. As long as the concrete is in fairly good shape and only has small cracks, tiny pits, and stains, then the work will go fast. Imperfections are usually filled in first and the concrete is cleaned. Then, the dye is applied like paint. Finally, the floor is polished so it has a deep, reflective luster.

Polished Concrete Is Easy To Maintain

Hopefully, your shop will have a lot of customers coming in and out of the store, and that can wear flooring down over time. The polished surface of a concrete floor will develop surface scratches and lose some of its luster, but the gloss is easy to restore by buffing and polishing the flooring occasionally. This can be done by a cleaning company or by your staff so the floors always look beautiful for impressing your customers.

For more information, reach out to a floor surfacing company today.

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