Three Signs You Should Replace Your Floors

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Three Signs You Should Replace Your Floors

Three Signs You Should Replace Your Floors

20 August 2018
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Your floors are one of the surfaces within your home that experience the greatest amount of use, since literally every activity requires foot traffic over your flooring surface. While most flooring surfaces are designed to withstand a great deal of wear and tear, and their general durability means that they can last years before they have to be replaced, at a certain point a combination of physical stress and age will cause your floors to deteriorate both structurally and aesthetically. Understanding some of the signs of worn out floors can help you determine when it's time for you to get in touch with a remodeling contractor to redo your floors.

Faded Surface

The most obvious signs that it may be time to talk to a remodeling contractor about replacing your current floors is if you notice fading, damage, or wear on your flooring material's surface. This can be caused by a wide range of factors, from UV bleaching to constant physical wear from foot traffic, but the fact remains that faded flooring material is not only less aesthetically pleasing, but it is also much more likely to break or become irreparably damaged with continued use, necessitating replacement. Stains and discolorations that won't be removed by multiple attempts to clean them will fall under this category as well.

Chronic Allergies

If you suffer from allergies or another respiratory condition and notice that your symptoms stick with you year-round, or at least well into the off-season, your current flooring material may be to blame. Carpeting's soft fabrics can hold onto dust, pollen, pet dander, and a wide variety of other airborne contaminants that can be easily thrown into the air again simply by walking on your floors. To get your symptoms back under control, you may want to switch to a flooring surface that can be easily cleaned, like hardwood or tile.

Warping and Physical Damage

Another easy to spot sign that you may be overdue replacing your floors is if they have suffered from any sort of physical damage. Wood can warp and rot, tiles and natural stone can chip and crack, and carpeting can rip and tear. However, beyond damage to the flooring material itself, you should also keep an eye out for signs of damage to the flooring supports: sunken areas, uneven floors, or signs of separation between individual flooring tiles or floorboards means that your subfloor may need to be reinstalled to restore your floor's structural integrity.

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