Stampede! 3 Flooring Solutions For A Houseful Of Animals, Children, And Overgrown Boys

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Stampede! 3 Flooring Solutions For A Houseful Of Animals, Children, And Overgrown Boys

Stampede! 3 Flooring Solutions For A Houseful Of Animals, Children, And Overgrown Boys

28 June 2017
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The Calvary has arrived, and as children cats, dogs, and overgrown boys stampede on the flooring in your home, it needs to withstand the abuse. There are some things that can be done to ensure flooring takes the abuse without looking worn or being damaged. Choosing durable flooring materials is one way to make sure floors last, but good care, cleaning and refinishing will also help. Here are some of the best flooring solutions to ensure your floors can take the daily stampedes of a full house:

1. Acid Staining Concrete in Areas with Slab Subfloor and Durable Flooring Needs   

If you need durable flooring in areas like basements or where the subfloor is concrete, acid staining is an affordable solution. Acid staining is a process of staining the surface of concrete using various chemicals, acid and dyes. To achieve the look of marble, custom tile and intricate patterns, stencils will be used with different staining techniques. Staining concrete will give you elegant custom floors on a budget, but remember that these surfaces are extremely hard if you have small children. The concrete surface will be durable for heavy traffic, but it is still a good idea to protect surfaces with a sealant.

2. Durable Hardwood Flooring Choices for Families

Wood is an attractive choice for flooring, but some hardwoods are better for family than others. For a home full of children and animals, choose a material like engineered flooring, and harder woods like oak or tropical hardwood. Using darker finishes and lower grade materials like pine planks will make any blemishes or scratches less noticeable. Regularly clean and wax the floors for more protection against daily wear. Dark bamboo flooring is a good alternative to conventional wood floors for homes with large families and pets.

3. Choosing Tile Flooring Materials That Will Withstand the Daily Stampede

Tile is a good choice of flooring for areas that get wear and are more likely to get stained, such as in a kitchen or dining room. The kitchen is an area where gathering will take its toll on tile flooring. You want to make sure that tile floors are durable and using materials like glaze ceramic tile, laminates and rough textures and colors. Ceramic tile will give you a durable scratch resistant surface, but mortar joints can stain and crack. Laminate tiles are resistant to a lot of abuse, but they can be scratched; protect the laminate with rugs where they get the most traffic. When choosing the color and texture of tile flooring, choose materials that have a rough looking finish and mixture of colors that will mask any wear or damage.

With good flooring choices, maintenance and repairs, the floors in your home will last for years and show little sign of wear. Contact a flooring installation service like East Penn Hardwood Flooring Corp to help with installing durable floors for a full house. 

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