Blending Your Hardwood Flooring With Carpeted Rooms: Tips You Can Use

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Blending Your Hardwood Flooring With Carpeted Rooms: Tips You Can Use

Blending Your Hardwood Flooring With Carpeted Rooms: Tips You Can Use

4 June 2017
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When you have rooms in your home that are hardwood and others that are carpeted, you can feel like your entire home doesn't have the right flow. Use this guide to help you blend your hardwood with your carpeted flooring so your home has a more streamlined, modern appeal:

Use rugs

Rugs covering equal parts hardwood and carpet can help break up seams and make your rooms look more fluid in appearance. The key to doing this is in choosing a rug material that differs from your carpeting to add texture. A colorfully patterned rug in chevron, floral designs, or even large circles can add further dimension and give your rooms a splash of pizazz.

Pair decorative pieces

Using similar wall hangings, end tables, and even wall mirrors in hardwood and carpeted rooms that are beside one another (such as the living room and dining area) can help bring the spaces together despite the different materials used in the flooring. Consider putting matching table lamps in close rooms or even painting one room a darker hue of the same color as the other.

When matching decor make sure to choose key, standout pieces to pair rather than match the entire rooms to one another. Each space should still have its own personality with a few pieces that create similarities that are pleasing to the eye.

Use soft lighting

Soft yellow lighting can create an ambiance that is appreciated in all rooms. Yellow lighting softens the hard lines of your hardwood meeting carpet and vice versa, naturally blending the two different flooring textures together with ease. You can use soft lighting in addition to other blending techniques such as using rugs or matching common decor items to give each room its own streamlined look without having it stand out too harshly.

Paint the same colors

To give your rooms a uniform look even if they don't have the same flooring design or material, paint each room the same neutral tone. If you'd like, choose a single accent wall in each room to paint its own unique hue to break up color schemes. This is a great way to modernize your home while allowing you to keep the original flooring you have. Colors to choose from include pleasing neutrals like eggshell white, tan, gray, or even a mint green. Accent walls can be darker hues in the same color spectrum as the rest of the walls or a daring color like eggplant, sunflower yellow, or even petal pink.

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