Wood Floors And Rolling Chairs: Uh, Oh! How To Fix The Damage

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Wood Floors And Rolling Chairs: Uh, Oh! How To Fix The Damage

Wood Floors And Rolling Chairs: Uh, Oh! How To Fix The Damage

18 May 2017
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Most wood floors are not meant to last forever. Something always causes them some amount of damage. It could be water or other liquids, or it could be heavy furniture, such as a piano. Rolling desk chairs are probably the worst. If you did not put a plastic floor protection pad down on your wood floor and you are now looking at a ruined floor, here is how floor repair services can help correct these damages.

Dustless Sanding

The first thing a flooring expert will do is use a dustless sander to smooth away the surface damage. This makes the floor appear new again, minus any finish. The sawdust and sand is collected in a bag that is attached to this special sander so that you do not end up with wood dust everywhere.

Prying Up Really Damaged Boards

If there are some really damaged boards in the floor, the repair expert will attempt to pry these boards up and replace them individually. This only works if the floor is actually wood planks, and not parquet or laminate flooring. Then he or she cuts wood planks of the same type of wood and fits them to the open spaces in your floor. They are glued and/or nailed into place. Then they are sealed, stained, and/or varnished.

Matching Stain or Varnish

The floor repairs usually include matching the stain and/or varnish, if applicable. This ensures that the boards that were repaired or replaced are a perfect match for the rest of the floor. Then no one is the wiser when looking at the floor underneath your chair. Replaced boards may be stained and/or varnished prior to installation or just after installation. If the expert chooses to stain/varnish the replacement boards after installation, he or she will use painter's tape to tape off the area on which he or she is working so that the rest of the floor is not accidentally coated with a heavier varnish coat or discolored with extra stain.

Getting a Floor Mat

Now that the damage is finally repaired, you need to get a floor mat. The floor mat will allow your rolling desk chair to move more freely and prevent it from splintering and ripping up the boards that were just repaired. Considering the repeat costs of fixing and replacing the same area over and over again, the cost of a floor mat is really quite reasonable by comparison.

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