Great Flooring Options For Your Bathroom

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Great Flooring Options For Your Bathroom

Great Flooring Options For Your Bathroom

26 April 2017
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The bathroom floor sees a lot of foot traffic. Therefore, you need a durable flooring option. Yet you still want flooring that's attractive and beautifies your overall décor. You have many material and style options that serve as a beautiful foundation for your bathroom. If you're planning a bathroom remodel or having one built from scratch, choose flooring that best complements your décor and lifestyle.

Stone Tile

Tiles often come in ceramic, porcelain, or glass. However, you can also choose natural stone tiles. Any natural stone, such as granite or marble, can be used for stone tiles. Stone tiles offer natural color variations, such as veining or speckling. This means they can serve as a beautiful foundation and even color scheme for your bathroom décor. Natural stone tiles come in the same shapes and sizes and ceramic, so you have the same installation pattern options.


Tile is one of the most common bathroom flooring options. Porcelain is the popular choice because it's fired at higher temperatures, making it less porous than standard ceramic. Indeed, porcelain flooring is stain-resistant and water-proof — in short, very durable. One of the most classic styles for porcelain flooring is the subway tile. These tiles come in numerous color options, which can be further customized with different grouting. For instance, you could opt for basic white subway tiles edged with charcoal-colored grouting for a modern effect. With porcelain flooring, though, you can also choose bigger or smaller tiles.

Mosaic Tiles

Speaking of smaller tiles, one option in any tile material is having them set in a mosaic. With this flooring option, contractors set small tiles into attractive patterns. You could have the entire floor done in the mosaic style. However, as Better Homes and Gardens points out, you could use mosaic tile work as accenting. You could have a strip of mosaic installed to follow the shape of the room or even have a picture installed in the center of your floor.

Bamboo Flooring

You're not relegated to tiles in your bathroom. Some eco-conscious homeowners choose bamboo flooring, which resembles hardwood flooring. Bamboo is a highly sustainable resource because the plant grows back so quickly. For the bathroom, it's better to choose engineered bamboo over solid because the former is more resistant to moisture. What's more, it's relatively easy to replace damaged pieces with a new plank. You can select engineered bamboo flooring that resembles different hardwoods, such as oak or maple.

Consult with flooring contractors like KC Marble & Tile to get a better idea of which flooring option will best suit your taste and space.

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