Why Does Your Carpeting Look Frayed And Fluffy?

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Why Does Your Carpeting Look Frayed And Fluffy?

Why Does Your Carpeting Look Frayed And Fluffy?

29 March 2017
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You want the carpet in your home to look luxurious, fresh, and smooth. That's why it can be troublesome when you notice that the carpet fibers have started to wear down and separate. If this happens, the only solution to fix it is to get new carpet. Here are a few reasons why carpet can take on this poor appearance.

Not Cleaning The Carpeting Often

When carpeting is dirty, the small pieces of debris and dirt will work into the carpet fibers. When someone walks on it, those small pieces are what causes friction against the carpet fibers. It is the friction that will cause carpet fibers to fray and separate. That is why it is recommended to have carpeting cleaned professionally each year, since professional cleaning gets out the debris and dirt that's deep within the carpeting fibers and prevents the friction from occurring. For homes with children or pets, consider having the carpeting cleaned more often, and vacuum regularly each week.

Sliding Furniture Across The Carpeting

Do you often find yourself sliding items across the carpeting when you are trying to clean or have area rugs that slide around on the surface? This is another problem that causes friction to occur, which leads to carpet fraying. Always pick things up when moving them to avoid unnecessary dragging across the carpeted surface. Avoid the temptation to slide the furniture on your own, and have someone help you do it if necessary. Waiting for help means that the carpeting will last for many more years.

Using A Vacuum With Low Brush Settings

A vacuum cleaner will have settings that set how high the brushes are off the floor. The brushes are designed to clean the carpet fibers by separating them, which allows the vacuum to suck up the debris between them. Don't make the mistake of assuming that brushes should be set to the lowest position possible when cleaning carpeting. This causes the brushes to be very aggressive and can actually be the cause of carpet fraying. The brushes should be at a height where they only glance across the surface. For carpeting with loops, like Berber, consider not turning on the brushes at all to protect the carpet fibers.

If your carpet has been damaged beyond repair due to neglect, it may be time to replace all of the carpeting and start over from scratch. Reach out to a local carpet installation company, such as McSwain Carpets and Floors, for assistance.

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