4 Tips for Effectively Removing Old Carpet From Your Home

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4 Tips for Effectively Removing Old Carpet From Your Home

4 Tips for Effectively Removing Old Carpet From Your Home

24 March 2017
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If you are tired of how your carpet looks, spring is a great time to rip out your old carpet and have new carpet installed in your home. If you want to reduce the cost of putting new carpet in your home, the easiest way to save money is by removing the old carpet from your home.

#1 Clean Your Carpet Well

It may feel counter intuitive to clean your carpet really well before you remove it, but once you start ripping up your carpet, all the dust and dirt that is embed in the fibers is going to come loose. It will get into the air, creating more dust and a bigger clean-up project.

Vacuum your carpet really well, making a couple of passes over it, on the day that you are going to remove the carpet. If your carpet is really dirty, you may even want to rent a steam vacuum to clean the carpet to minimize the amount of dust and dirt that is set loose in your home.

#2 Cut the Carpet Into Pieces

It can be tempting to image that you will be able to just rip out the entire carpet in an single piece. However, that would create a very large piece of carpet that would be hard to handle and dispose of.

Instead, you need to invest in a sharp utility knife, and use that to cut up your carpet. Generally, it is easiest to cut your carpet up into strips that are a couple of feet wide and about twice as long. Once you cut up the strips, you can easily roll them up, pick them up, and take them out of the your house.

#3 Remove the Carpet Then the Padding

If you are not keeping the padding in place, don't try to remove it at the same time as the carpet. First, cut up and remove the carpet. Once all the carpet is removed, vacuum the padding in order to pick up all the loose dust and dirt that may be on it. Then, using the same cutting method that you used on the carpet, piece by piece, cut up and remove the padding.

#4 Rent a Dumpster

Removing carpet from your home is going to create a lot of junk. Although you could put it in the back of your pick-up truck if you have one, secure the load, and make a few trips to your local dump to get rid of it, it is often easier to just rent a dumpster. Call up your local waste management provider and see if you can rent a dumpster for a set period of time. Be sure to tell them what type of waste you will be throwing away so they can help you rent the right size dumpster.

This will make the clean-up process go significantly smoother. Just take the carpet and padding outside, work on filling up the entire dumpster, and call your waste management company when it is full so they can haul it away for you. 

For more tips on removing old carpet and installing new, talk to a flooring expert like those at Garden State Floor Restore.

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